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Anise + Honey - Scented Candle

Reminiscent of your favorite speakeasy, our Anise + Honey scented candle reflects everything you love about your favorite cozy hangout on a chilly night. Its warm fragrance features notes of star anise, sweet orange, and bergamot for a smooth scent you can’t resist. Our Anise + Honey candle sets the tone for your festivities.


    Product description:

    • Coconut wax
    • Wooden wick
    • Phthalates, parabens and sulfate free
    • Vegan
    • Contains pure Essential Oils


      • 5 oz.
      • 9 oz.
      • 5 OZ. single wick candle

        Burn Time: 30 hrs approx.

        NET WT.: 5 OZ.

      • 9 OZ. single wick candle

        Burn Time: 60 hrs approx.

        NET WT.: 9 OZ.