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Poured Love

Poured Love is a line of hand-poured coconut wax candles founded in 2019. Each candle is carefully designed to create a full sensory experience that feels like a love letter to your soul...
The Five Senses of Poured Love
  • Touch: Smooth, creamy coconut wax produce a sense of comfort from the moment you first pick them up
  • Sight: Stunning, minimalist candles along with a vibrant, glowing flame create a sense of peace and belonging that suit any lifestyle
  • Smell: Intoxicated scents enveloped in each candle create an unforgettable, ambient experience
  • Sound: The gentle crackle of the beautiful wooden wicks soothes and satisfies the soul
  • Taste: Robust, decadent notes make Poured Love Candles smell good enough to eat (although we don’t suggest actually taking a bite!)