Poured Love

Poured Love is a line of hand-poured coconut wax candles founded in November of 2018. Each candle is carefully designed to create a full sensory experience that feels like a love letter to your soul...
The Five Senses of Poured Love
  • Touch: Smooth, creamy coconut wax produce a sense of comfort from the moment you first pick them up
  • Sight: Stunning, minimalist candles along with a vibrant, glowing flame create a sense of peace and belonging that suit any lifestyle
  • Smell: Intoxicated scents enveloped in each candle create an unforgettable, ambient experience
  • Sound: The gentle crackle of the beautiful wooden wicks soothes and satisfies the soul
  • Taste: Robust, decadent notes make Poured Love Candles smell good enough to eat (although we don’t suggest actually taking a bite!)

About the Founder 

Natalia’s leap into candle-making started as a “happy accident,” while redecorating her and her husband’s apartment. After stumbling upon a candle making kit at a home decor store, she gave it a try and immediately fell in love with the process.

Soon after, she found herself researching different waxes, fragrances, and wicks to create a set of five candles that inspire various moods. With the support of her husband, Natalia is happy to bring Poured Love into your home. Each candle is poured from her heart to yours.