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Benefits of Wood Wick Candles

wood wick scented candles

If you love candles as much as we do, you’ve likely seen a plethora of candles in different shapes, sizes, and scents over the years. Although these candles are all unique, one aspect of them remains the same. 

What is it?

A cotton wick.

While most candles sold today have cotton wicks, wooden wicks are a widely used alternative making waves in the candle community. Here at Poured Love, each one of our candles comes with a signature wooden wick. Here are a few reasons why we love wooden wicks and the benefits they give both users and the environment. 

5 Benefits of Wooden Wick Candles

Refined Ambience

Similar to the sounds found at a bonfire or fireplace, wooden candle wicks make a crackling sound as they burn. Not only does the soft glow of the candle set the mood of the room, but the soft crackling noises are calming and soothing to the listener. The cut of a wooden wick gives your candle a modern feel, further adding to the improved ambiance of any room.

Wood Wicks Have Longer Lifespans

Another benefit of wooden wick candles is that they burn for much longer than their cotton counterparts depending on size. For example, say you have one 7oz wooden wick candle and one 7oz cotton wick candle. Even if both are lit at the same time with similar conditions, the wood wick candle will burn much slower and out last the cotton wick candle. 

Wood Candle Wicks are Sustainable 

Everyone is looking to make more sustainable choices with their purchases, and wooden wicks are one way to accomplish this. Cotton production places a severe demand on the environment. According to the National Wildlife Federation, cotton is one of the most chemically intensive crops globally. 

On the other hand, wood wicks are harvested with sustainable forestry methods, and thousands of wicks can come from a single tree! 

Clean and Even Burn 

While you may love your candle, you probably hate the sooty residue it leaves behind. Several cotton wicks are treated with paraffin to help them burn easier. Still, this same paraffin releases harmful carcinogens into the air that can negatively affect the health of you and your family. Cotton wicks also tend to burn unevenly, leaving wax stuck on the sides of the jar while the middle burns away.

Wooden wicks heat your wax evenly, allowing you to get the most out of your candle. Our wood candle wicks flame equally on all sides, giving you a clean and even burn that is soot-free. All you need to do is trim off the charred part of the wick, and you’ll have a bright and clean burn every time. 

Poured Love - Your Wooden Wick Candle Company 

If you have never owned a wooden wick candle, why not let one from Poured Love become your first? You can rest assured that our wooden wick candles are non-toxic, vegan, and use the best natural ingredients we can find. Allow our dreamy scented and sustainable wood wick candles to elevate the mood of your home. Browse our collection of signature scents and bring home any one of our wood wick candles today.

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